My Gift from God.

Recollections of my baby daughter's journey through life. I know she won't always stay mine, one day God willing she will have a life and family of her own. But until then, I will continue to love, cherish, protect and hold her for as long as I can.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wandering Back Thru Time.

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"If I am dreaming never wake me up and If I am awake never let me go to sleep." (Anon)
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Came across Elsa's baby book today and decided to record a few of the entries here on her blog. These are just snippets of the original but they'll do for now.

December : Saturday 7th, 2003.
My baby girl is home with me and today she is one month old. She is such a joy to take care of as she makes it so easy for me. She rarely cries, only when she is hungry or when her nappy is wet. She's such a happy baby who smiles often even in her sleep. I wonder what it is that makes her smile?
blog What do babies dream about what is it that their little minds can see??

January : Sunday 7th, 2004.
A brand new year for baby and myself. Elsa's first trip to APU.
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February : Monday 7th, 2004.
At 3 months Kolinyedcia has learned to turn over by herself. Now that she is able to do that she prefers to sleep on her stomache with her feet tucked beneath and butt up in the air.
blog layouts It's such a hilarious sight but it appears that baby finds it a very comfortable way to nap. At first I was a little afraid she might have trouble breathing or that something might block her nose but she had no problems sleeping this way whatsoever.
images She also loves her ofuro bath. The nurses at the hospital gave her one when she was a week old and she's addicted to it. I was a little hesitant and first I mean we do this at home also but the water seemed a bit too hot for my liking but baby is not complaining so I guess it's ok.

March: Tuesday 7th, 2004.
Elsa is now four months and she's got her first toothblog layouts is already enjoying solid foods. Aunty Nectar advised me last month to wean her off the bottled baby (gerbers) stuff so she has been munchin' on mashed potatoes/ carrots/ pumpkin/tomatoes for a while now and she really enjoys it. She can also hold her own bottle of milk and when she's done she just lets go and the bottle falls off.

April : Wednesday 7th, 2004.
Today Kolinyedcia turned 5 months. We went to Beppu Koen with friends to watch the Sakura Trees/ Cherry Blossoms in their natural splendor.
Baby is growing so fast. She's learned to crawl on her knees, sit up unaided and making bubbles is now her favorite pass time.Elsa is not into sucking her fingers but she enjoys sucking her dummy thingymachik to da max
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May : Thursday 7th, 2004.
Baby is now six months, counting down to another six months before she turns one. Golly time certainly flies. It is my birthday on the 17th but I've already received the one gift I have ever wanted, my daughter who is sleeping contentedly by my side. The nurse for social services visited and she was really impressed with Elsa's progress. Baby has never been sick since she left the hospital and though she is teething her head just gets a bit warm but not severe fevers and stuff just lots and lots of drool. he!he!

June: Friday 7th, 2004.
At 7 months Elsa is crawlingblog Layouts around like the energizer bunny gone mad. She is everywhere and because our apartment is quite small Elsa goes thru the entire place in less than 5 minutes. Elsa's favourite song at the moment is Brazil I think that is what it is called its a Soccer theme song. Whenever it comes on tv, her little head would bob up to look where the sound is coming from. Elsa now can now stand up for just a few seconds. She squats first and then slowly gets Layouts It's such moments that I feel as if my heart would just explode with love.
Thank you Lord for this precious life you have given into my care.
I pray that I will do right by her and bring her up in way that is worthy of such a gift.

July: Saturday 7th, 2004.
Baby is now 8 months old and she has learned how to say "mama". Unfortunately it was not her first word. Three weeks before she learned to say "papa" I know that she is just a baby and perhaps papa is much easier to say but I was hoping that mama would be her first real word. She also wants to stand unaided by anyone. She falls down more often than not but she is one determined little mite.

August : Sunday 7th, 2004
Elsa is now 9 months and has taken her first step it was a moment to behold.
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September : Monday 7th, 2004.
Baby now likes to hold on to stuff blog Layouts like our coffee table, drags herself up and then take small steps around.I am afraid that her feet are still not strong enough to fully support her weight but Elsa is not deterred. This kid wants to walk and by golly it looks like there is no stoppin' her.
Elsa is hooked on her new toy her very own mobile phone or keitaiimages
blog LayoutsHer little chubby fingers would smear saliva all over the poor thing and then she'd gleefully put it against her ear to listen to the different sounds eminating from it.

October : Tuesday 7th, 2004,
Elsa finally gets the hang of walking and she will not stop. She wants to walk everywhere. If you will call it walking its like she is actually running.
blog imagesShe is also off the milk bottle as she wants to drink from a cup. My husband arrived on the 26th from Samoa. It was really awesome. My husband had to try and catch her at the airport she was darting in between people. Fabulous reunion. I am just so happy that he made it to Japan in time for baby's first birthday. It was hard being apart he had lost so much time with his daughter but hey we have the rest of our lives to catch up.
November : Wednesday 7th, 2004. image hosting
Elsa Kolinyedcia Sina Akiko turned 1.... yay!!
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Thank You Lord for all that you have given to us and for all that we have that has been made possible through your love.

An ever grateful and proud mommy.

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The Origins of My Daughter's Name!!

Most new parents want to choose the best name for their first child. The perfect or most appropriate one, as a name is something a child has to carry with them for the rest of their natural lives. Today people can change their names legally or opt to be called something else but I believe that if you like/love the name ur parents have given you. It will be the one you will take to your grave. Hosted by SparkleTags.comDeciding on a name is not always a simple process there are several factors to be considered. In Samoa sometimes the eldest child is given a name from his/her father's side. This is not a rule carved in stone usually it is done out of respect. There are many exceptions of course. Children have been named after the place (country/village/hospital) or time of year in which they were born (Christmas, New Year, June, April etc), after a close friend, fav sibling,a movie star, famous athlete, historical figure, flower, biblical name, father/mother, whatever the parents fancy.

I know of a child who was named after the female nurse who delivered him. Gratitude is one thing, in appropriate is another. I feel sorry for the kid but like I've mentioned before it is ultimately up to the parents. Though in all decency parents themselves must take into consideration the hardships this child is most likely to encounter, going through life with a name like Sera Jayne. Thank goodness it's his middle name! a small measure of comfort.

I have an uncle in Germany Manfred Hans Pfeiffer..."The King of Lalovaea" as he likes to be called. Though we refer to him as uncle he is actually married to my cousin who is like my eldest sister. He has been lookin' out for me ever since I was a toddler and that's many many years ago. For my birthday and Christmas I would receive a present, every year as far as memory serves me.
So when my uncle found out I was with child he sent a request asking if my baby can be named Albert if its a boy and Elsa after his aunty if it happens to be a girl.

After all the years of love, I gave my consent instantly without a second thought. But before that I too had thought about a couple of names. My husband and I had discussed several, including my maternal grandpa's name Kariofila, a combination of my brothers' names & hubby's dad's name. I also picked the name Nathaniel meaning "Gift of God" but as it turned out baby was a girl.

So she became Elsa Kolinyedcia Sina Akiko a wonderful gift from God all the same. Elsa as per my uncle's request, Kolinyedcia the combination of my girl's names , Sina after my husband's mom her second name to be exact her first name is Elisapeta but she already has another grandchild with that name. Akiko after after my Japanese friend of 26 years. Her father was the director of JOCV and worked in Samoa for 2 years.

We went thru many combinations before we settled on Kolinyedcia. I chose this one as it kinda sounded like Polynesia (corny I know but I was very homesick @ da time Anyways I know that my daughter when she grows up will not be traumatized by her name as in the case of those children whose parents have named kaem0@ etc etc (What were these people thinking??)

Some have tried to justify these weird names by claiming they are important family/traditional names "igoa taua/ igoa ipu/taupou/fanua" but tell that to the poor child who has to put up with the ridicule and taunts, remind him/her how great the name she/he has been given when they come home beat up with grief coz of the crap they have to endure at the hands of others. See then how priviledged they feel at being given such an honorable name.

I can go on and on about how important it is to give one's child a name they can be proud of, or comfortable with. But I know that my sphere of influence can only go as far as the name I give my own child. My baby's name may not have historical significance but it has a very special meaning to me. The name Kolinyedica is from the following ladies who I will always be grateful to for their friendship/help and for the great times together. Thanks for the memories! It is my tribute to 5 spectacular souls. God Bless!
Ko >>> Koyungil Kebekol of Palau.
Koyu in black with Patricia and Line on Line's graduation day. April 2005.

Our beautiful Palauan princess. What a package brains, personality and looks.

Li >>> from Line Lafi.
My niece who I miss so much!

Ny >>> from Nydia Silipa Aloaina Chu Ling the preediful momma of bebe Tino. Nydz and her handsome husband Chee-ku Chu Ling on their special day.

Ed >>> from Edna Serena Temese @ present teaching @ the NUS.

Edna lost in thought ia pe o ai lava o mafaufau iai aunty?!*

Cia >>> from Patricia Margot Florance Catherine Netzler @ present undertaking her Master's here @ Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. Lisa with sister/friend Jenny @ her graduation April 2006.

I can only hope and pray that my little girl can inherit some of the great qualities that are unique to the lovely ladies she has been blessed to be named after.
Hosted by SparkleTags.comfrom Elsa and me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Hosted by SparkleTags.comThe inspiration to start up a blog to document the life of my daughter came from my friend Nydia who has one about her own gorgeous baby Tautinoga Felicity Chu Ling. Tino or Tinto as she is affectionately known, is only 6 months old but Elsa is now 2 years and 7 months but I hope via my diaries and recollections from memory I will be able to come up with decent material that my little girl can enjoy reading about when she is all grown up. For me this labor of love is as much for me and my husband who missed out on the first 11 months of his daughter's life as it is for our child.
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Friday November 7th,2003 - 5:00am :
I woke up Line and asked if we could call a cab to go to the hospital. My stuff and that of baby's had been packed like 3 months before. I only had to buy a few extra things as most of baby's gear was sent from Germany. At the time Line, Edna and I were living at Ando Biru in Kamegawa. The girl's were in apartment 203 and I had taken 201. Our place was like 10 minutes away from Kokuritsu National Hospital but I was in no condition to walk. Though the contractions were still more than 5 mins apart the pain was too acute and I didn't want to risk collapsing on the road.

I had moved out of AP House about a month before, October 13 to be exact, in preparation for the arrival of my little one. Patricia would come down from APU and join me for my doctor's appointment (very grateful for that). Each time I would go in for a visit with my obygn I would have a sonogram but still the doctor couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl as he said the child was too big so he couldn't make out a lot of things but it was indeed very healthy.

I was really grateful to God for the fact that my doctor could speak english as he studied America and was very understanding. At first I was a bit reserved about the whole process (being checked out by a male doctor/expensive bills) but Dr Kato was so accomodating I was put at ease almost instantly. I also knew that If I wanted my child to be healthy I had to be willing to pay whatever the cost.

Thankfully the system here allows for you to pay the hospital bills and the Health Insurance Company reimburses the full amount.
The cost of having a baby in Japan is usually around 300,000 - 500,000 yen(3,000 -5,000 USD) If your hospital bill is more than 300,000 yen say its 350,000 the system will give you back 300,000 only the 50,000 will be from your own pocket. If your bill is less say 275,000 yen the insurance people will give you 300,000 as that is the set amount.

Those who undergo cesarean operations, stay longer in the hospital, special dietary needs,or use private facilities are most likely to have a higher bill than those who use the public hospitals as I did. The rooms in the private hospices are quite nice but the same professional service is found in most hospitals in Japan regardless of their management. (oops digressing there a bit.)

Continuing on with the story, we got to the hospital a little after five and I was immediately taken to this private room. Edna stayed until nine but she had class so she had to leave promising to return afterwards and she did. Line stayed with me the whole day and I was so grateful for that. Around 4 15pm our little Koyu came by with flowers and took on the responsibility of birth coach. Will never forget the way she cheered me on its as if I was this elite athlete competing in the Olympics.

In attendance was Dr Kato, 2 senior nurses, 2 student nurses and 1 other lady I am not sure what her function was. Though she may have been a lecturer at the University Hospital and those were her students as I remember her asking me if they could come in and observe. Thinking about it now if I was back in Samoa I would have prob said NO! know you don't want the whole world to bear witness to a private event but at the time I wasn't in full control of my faculties and could only muster a half hearted nod.

Well I think if they knew what they'd be in for they would not have asked to stay. Every time Line sat down for a break these two one female /one male would be at my side either rubbing my head or hand and in turn when the contractions came I would squeeze theirs hands for dear life. I may have caused some serious damage to their fingers he!he!

I was in labor for almost 12 hours and right when the clock struck 5pm Miss Elsa Kolinyedcia Sina Akiko made her entrance. With a full head of hair and weighing in 4884 grams almost 5kgs she was the biggest baby the doctor ever delivered or the hospital ever had. Choo hoo had to a Samoan baby

Hosted by SparkleTags.comThe doctor gave me an anesthetic shot which put me under for a few minutes while he put everything back in When I was coherent again the nurse brought in my baby wrapped in a white cotton sheet so I could see her and to me she was the most amazing and beautiful sight in the world. I am sure every mother feels the same way. Looking at this new life that belongs to you is an experience that is matched by no other except perhaps the birth of another child.

I was exhausted but I so wanted to hold my baby but she could only be with me for a little while coz she had a few complications. She was so big and I was so tired I wasn't able to push properly so she her breathing was a little irregular.
To make sure she was a 100% she was transferred the next day to Oita Children's Hospital where she was looked after by some of the best doctors in the country. She came back to Kokuritsu after a week when she was given the all clear seven days after that I was able to take her home. That day Nov 21 is perhaps one of the happiest days and most memorable days of my life.
Though our family was not together my husband was still in Samoa I had one of the best Holidays ever with the best Christmas present any woman can ever hope to have..For the rest of my life I will be eternally gratefully to God for giving me : my own little miracle, my precious baby, the light of my life my very own
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